The TASCAM Portastudio 424 MKII

I will be recording with this almost never used cassette multitrack recorder. A truly great and classic piece of gear.

A box of 500 blank cassettes, ready to be filled with music and sounds



I have been brewing on a new idea for a project in the past months. I will start producing cassette tapes. Each of these cassettes will be a unique, single object, and the music contained on the cassette will be found nowhere else in the world except on this cassette. I will sell these tapes, called “The Magnetherian Series” with custom made artwork and packaging. The music will be solo improvised work and collaborative jams. The music will be recorded with a Tascam multi-track tape recorder on high quality tape, and I will try to keep the process as analogue as posible. Some digital recording or instrumentation might be involved of course. I will keep you updated on the proces on this page of my website. Pictures and videos will follow.

I have obtained a box of 500 fresh, unused cassette tapes, so to fill all of those with music, will take more than a lifetime. I hope some of you reading this might find it a cool idea, and are willing to support me in this new endeavour.