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Full Moon Fest by Rivercrest

Many years ago, in the beginning stages of what was to become something of a weirdly organic way of jamming, Rivercrest was a vehicle for the creative outbursts of a few hippie-metal-weirdo musicians. Those were the days of getting into our drummers van to cruise to a basement in the gritty township called Bierbeek. Close to what was, the still a bit more grungy and grindy back then, student town of Leuven in Belgium, Europe.

Along those first years were a few very special encounters, namely with the wonderful Klaus ‘Cosmic’ Hoffmann. A very groovy spaced out musician that stood at the basis of the development of the Memotron.

The other truely great encounter was with Jan Op De Beeck, the one and only saxophone/flute player that together with his lovely wife Hilde had build a wonderful organic bakery to support their family with.

One wonderful evening in the summer of 2005, we had been invited to jam at a garden party, under a full moon to celebrate the birthdays of some of the family members of our perscussionist/theremin player Jef Minten. That night, Alan Stivell was also playing in Brussels, and I remember being a bit bummed out to be missing out on that concert. But we were gathering with an awesome bunch of jammers, and I would have been more bummed out not to be playing and recording this jam with my good friends. This is one of the few recordings on which both Jan and Klaus are present. The other one being ‘Etherische Chemie’.

So I am very glad to present to you this little piece of their and my shared musical history (sounds like something a middle aged musician would say, haha).

Unfortunenalty, I can not share this release any more with neither Jan nor Klaus, as they have departed this earthly realm already. They are surely dearly missed, and not in the least by me. I consider myself lucky to have been able to meet and play with such gifted, friendly, warm and generaly just very loving and lovely people. As I am grateful today to be able to still play with all the other of my fellow musical friends and companions.

Must be the beginning of fall, to be triggering so much melancholy in my mind.

This recording stands as a small but firm testament in time and space, and makes for lovely listening session (preferably under a full moon, of course). I hope you enjoy it.


More Rivercrest?!

It seems this year is proving to be quite productive for the ‘Crest! Check out yet another new recording, this time featuring long time friend and occasional jam-buddy Wouter Vanhooren on the horn (trumpet that is).


New Rivercrest album + videos

Check out this new live recording of the 20 years Rivercrest celebration! Accompanying it are 2 videos of the gig, shot by our friend Roberto Gasparini.




Ik heb besloten dat de tijd gekomen is om een einde te breien aan mijn samenwerking met Gert. Na 6 jaar van muziek en opnames maken is de tijd rijp om mij terug meer te concentreren op mijn andere bands en solo werk. Je kan mij in het najaar nog aan het werk zien met Gert op de volgende locaties, waar we het nieuwe album ‘Alles Is Nog Niet Verloren’ zullen voorstellen:

*Donderdag 1 September 2022 (Try Out) Het Groot Ongelijk (Kessel lo)

*Zaterdag 3 September 2022 Floral Feesten (Wezemaal)

*Zondag 4 September 2022 Art en Roots in the woods festival (Aarschot)

*Vrijdag 16 September 2022 De Floeren Aap (Mechelen)

*Zondag 18 September 2022 Pallieter Café (Herselt)

*Zaterdag 8 Oktober 2022 JH SOJO (Leuven)

*Zaterdag 5 November 2022 Moby Dick (Antwerpen)

*Vrijdag 11 November 2022 TBC (Dilbeek)

*Zaterdag 12 November 2022 Café Molotov (Gent)

*Zondag 13 November 2022 Washboard Café (Antwerpen)

*Zaterdag 17 December 2021 Privéfeestje @t “De Loft” (Herent) (Allerlaatste optreden)


Gert new album released today

Gert releases a new album! Het nieuwe album van Gert is uit! Nouveau album de Gert est sorti! Neues Album von Gert!


Icosahedrone by Rivercrest

20 years of Rivercrest!
Throughout it’s existence, Rivercrest has taken many forms and shapes. But they have remained on a constant path towards the ultimate state of sonic bliss.
To celebrate, we have for you a new set of vibrational paintings.
Strap in, and enjoy the wild ride!


Celebrating 20 years Rivercrest

To celebrate 20 years of Rivercrest, we will be releasing some new albums on Bandcamp! Some will be dug op from the archive, and there will also be an all new recording.

The first one is called ‘Baked’



02/07/2022: 20 years Rivercrest @ Rillaar (w/ Slow Bear, The Bad Slaves)



The TASCAM Portastudio 424 MKII

I will be recording with this almost never used cassette multitrack recorder. A truly great and classic piece of gear.

A box of 500 blank cassettes, ready to be filled with music and sounds



I have been brewing on a new idea for a project in the past months. I will start producing cassette tapes. Each of these cassettes will be a unique, single object, and the music contained on the cassette will be found nowhere else in the world except on this cassette. I will sell these tapes, called “The Magnetherian Series” with custom made artwork and packaging. The music will be solo improvised work and collaborative jams. The music will be recorded with a Tascam multi-track tape recorder on high quality tape, and I will try to keep the process as analogue as posible. Some digital recording or instrumentation might be involved of course. I will keep you updated on the proces on this page of my website. Pictures and videos will follow.

I have obtained a box of 500 fresh, unused cassette tapes, so to fill all of those with music, will take more than a lifetime. I hope some of you reading this might find it a cool idea, and are willing to support me in this new endeavour.