Volume 1 of a trilogy of new Cave Inn recordings. This is a band I started with Timo and Jef 10 years ago. Tom joined us along the way and now we have been revived as we recently got to support the mighty Møster! at an Orange Factory gig.


  1. Brightblack – New Mexico
  2. Sparklehorse – Morning Hollow
  3. Motorpsycho – The Otherness
  4. Trees – Little Black Cloud Suite
  5. Gomez – Devil Will Ride
  6. A Hawk And A Hacksaw – Raggle Taggle
  7. The Fying Eyes – Little Trip
  8. The Strange Flowers – Sisters
  9. Captain Beefheart – Love Lies
  10. Fleetwood Mac – Without You
  11. Traffic – Freedom Rider
  12. Syd Barrett – Waving My Arms In The Air
  13. David Crosby – Tamalpais High (At About 3)
  14. Sixteen Horsepower – Neck On The New Blade
  15. Big Low – Black Snake Story

2019 was a musical banger! Very thankful to be part of all the great musical fellowships I play in. My gratitude also goes out to my lovely and loving parents, who kept and keep on supporting me on this path I am threading on. A big shout ot to all of you that came to gigs, bought some merch and support the underground music scenes, keep on riding the waves! And never forget to remember that history sometimes has a bad habit of repeating itself.


‘Niets Meer Niets Minder’ by Gert Kleinpunk


‘Fall River’ by Dorre


‘Sleep’ by GLOED


‘Riff Orkest’ by Rivercrest


‘Sonic Cure’ by Wheel of Smoke


Happy 2020, wishing nothing but good fortune for all you marvelous freaks of nature that keep an open mind and heart!