Hey all!

Been a while since I posted something. Hope you are all doing fine and had a nice summer!

So here’s a small announcement of the gigs I will be playing this month:

Saturday October 9th:

Gert supporting Sovjet War at Het Depot, Leuven

Friday October 29th:

Dorre playing in Charleroi, in support of Absynth’s album release

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A short lived, heavy burn and impro-freak out Rivercrest spinoff. You can listen to a few of the raw, live recordings in the embed below.

A modest celebration is not misplaced today, or maybe any other day for that matter. Always hoping for more hope, that we don’t give in to fear, may face and accept the darkness and human struggle, and that we don’t forget to stay humble towards ourselves and each other.

Unfollow the followers! We will re-unite rebooted. Ready for a future that is, always has and always will be, quite uncertain.

De enige constante, is verandering. Ook al lijkt die soms wel erg traag te gaan.

Vrede, Friði, Salam, Мира, Peace, 和平, Paz, An tsíocháin, . . We all have a word for it, so we can all cherish it!





Dear friends from the internet and beyond.

2020 was indeed a very weird year for all humans on planet Earth. I do hope that 2021 will bring relief for all of us, and that we can go back to something of a normal human experience.In my musical solo adventuring, things have been a bit quiet the last 2 years, as I have been concentrating on other things, namely in rearranging my personal life. A lot of good things have come to me, for which I am extremely grateful.I do have a lot of new song ideas that have been growing and slowly taking shape in the back of my head, and I have the intention to start recording them somewhere in the very near future. My home recording set up has almost been optimised, so I am looking forward to start working on my music again.I hope that these recordings will become some of my best so far, and as a matter of fact, I am quite certain that they will.

In regards with my bands, producing, recording and session work, there are also brewing a lot of cool things that will be worked on as soon as we get the proper chance to pick up our weekly routines again.I am of course also looking very much forward to the day we can start performing on stage again and seeing people go back to enjoying live music (and all other forms of perfoming arts). It is such an integral part of being a musician or artist, that when this is taken away, it rips off a big part of the essence of what music is about. Sharing emotions, good vibes, and creating special spheres of connection on a universal level. May we all come out of this crisis as a better species, and rise up to face all our common problems in a shared sense of companionship.Wishing you all the very best,Etherik

All music produced, written, performed, mixed and mastered by Erik Heyns

A collection of instrumental leftovers. Abandoned pieces of dusty jams. Weird sounds and crackles. Sundowner sentiments. Moon filled furlough wandering.