*music producer (recording, mixing, mastering on Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Reason & Harrison Mixbus *sound engineer and audio editor at Transkript Productiehuis *multi-instrumentalist *guitar maintenance *amateur lyricist *psychedelic research enthousiast *part-time hermit & rogue philosopher

A new year, a new album.

Not really though, these tracks have all been lying on my shelve and I have put them on- and off-line for a few years now. Throughout I have polished their sound to, what I deem to be perfection, and finally collected them on this album.

Together they form an exploration of psychedelic, stretched out, droned, fuzzy and gloomy compositions.

Going through the old paperwork, finding gems like this makes my day. Old  pre-production working sheets for the ‘Signs of Saturn’ album from 2013 with my band Wheel of Smoke.

It was the first big production we did totally d.i.y. and I’m still quite happy with the results!

Great memories indeed, and they will never fade away.