Bio & Discography

For those of you who might be interested, here’s a summary of my musical life up till now.

Started lessons in musical theory & ensemble playing at the age of 8. By the time I was 11 years old, got my first private lessons in classical guitar. After 2 years, I realized this was not the path for me in a musical perspective, so my dad got me an electric guitar and amplifier (Fender Strat with a Princeton). I’ll never forget the first notes I played on that guitar, it changed my life instantly. Quickly I wanted to be able to play solos like Jimi Hendrix & Alvin Lee that I heard on my parents records (my dad helped a lot in developing my musical tastes, and I’m forever grateful), thus started practicing in playing along. After a while I discovered a whole spectrum of other mind blowing music like Captain Beefheart, Gong, all the great grunge bands, John Frusciante, Aphex Twin,… The world is truly filled with wondrous music, and every day I keep on discovering!

After a few years of playing on my own or with friends in the seclusion of our bedrooms, decided the time was ripe to start to search for a real band. I then met the groovy chaps of a metal band called ‘Shadowgate’ and they were looking for musicians to start something new. From that quest Rivercrest was born, a large collective of spaced out jammers that came out of the ashes of the metal-band gone astray. Until this day we are still around (at some times a bit more active than others) bursting out our psyched out instantly improvised freak-outs.

Improvising is a lot of fun, but at one point the urge for something more structured came to be.  So in 2005 together with Filip Remans & Jouk Op De Beeck, Wheel of Smoke was created out of some groovy jam sessions. This is a band in which we wanted to pour our musical tastes, influences and personal style into real songs. Later we were joined by Tristan Michiels on bass and Johan Overloop on Analogue synths. 3 LP’s, 1 EP and 1 Live album have been birthed. We had the pleasure of being the afterparty closing band of Desertfest Antwerp 2015 and have done countless gigs in venues and festivals all over Belgium, Holland and Germany. Since 2019 we are happy to be part of Polderrecords, a kick ass DIY indi-label that is the home of several class act bands such as Cowboys&Aliens, Atomic Vulture, Motsus, and Beaten By Hippies. So make sure to give a visit! We are on the verge of releasing our new album called Sonic Cure, somewhere in November 2019.

Around 2008, the indie-folk-grunge-rock band Grant Moff Tarkin was searching for a bass player, and as I always wanted to try playing the bass and was a big fan of their music, I didn’t need a lot of persuasion for joining them. I had immense fun recording and gigging with this band, but after a few years and countless drummers, it softly disbanded.                                Huddie (founder member guitarist songwriting wizard) is still going solo under the moniker ‘Slow Bear’, and I strongly recommend you check him out!

In 2010, my good friends of Dorre asked me to join them in one of their jams, and they liked it so much that they asked me to join them permanently. We’ve been writing gloomy & atmospheric doomed & stoned out compositions, released 1 EP, a Split LP with the Danish doomsters Bethmoora. We too had the pleasure of playing Desertfest Antwerp 2016. 2019 saw the light of our first full album ‘Fall River’. We are currently in the final stages of building our own little rehearsal/studio space and will keep on writing and recording new music in the coming years for sure!

In 2012 I joined Yaya & The Lazy Love Band on bass guitar. One album was recorded called ‘Travellin’, on which I played on half of the songs. This was the brainchild of Yaya aka Arianne Musschoots. Many good times were had, but the band disbanded around the end of 2015. Out of the ashes of this band came yet another project called GLOED. This is a collective with a lot of different influences and a collective passion for heavy jazzy grooves and weird, contra-establishment lyrical content, brought to you in our native language, Dutch (or Limburgs).

2015 also brought another project to life with Ivolve. We came up with some nasty sounding electro-industrial tracks, and made an albums worth of material.

In 2016 I joined Gert as the bassplaying sidekick together with Yorick playing the cajon (that wooden boxy thing). We play Dutch protest songs in an acoustic punk fashion. We have recorded a lot of stuff already. It seems I like recording stuff a lot. 

All the while I’ve been writing and recording music on my own, first as ‘GööR’ and since 2008 as ‘Etherik’. My most recent work is available at 


1999 – 2006: Active solo under the pseudonym ‘GööR’ making several
(un)official DIY cd-r albums

2003: Founder member of Rivercrest playing the electric guitar

2005: Founder member of Wheel of Smoke playing the electric guitar

2006: Changed ‘GööR’ pseudonym to ‘Etherik’, making several
                          (un)official DIY cd-r & digital albums

2006: Graduated High School as Guitar Builder in Boom, Belgium

2008: Joined Grant Moff Tarkin playing electric bass guitar

2010: Joined Dorre playing electric guitar

2010: Founder member of Cave Inn as multi-instrumentalist

2012: Founder member of Yaya & The Lazy Love Band playing electric bass

2015: Founder member of GLOED playing electric bass & vocals

2015: Founder member of BarnTree playing electric guitar

2015: Founder member of Ivolve&Etherik playing electric bass guitar,
electric guitar, vocals & producing

2016: Joined Gert Kleinpunk playing electric bass guitar & backing vocals)

2018-2019: Producer/Studio Engineering course at HYPE studio in Mechelen, Belgium

2019 – present: In house Producer at Hype Studio, Belgium



– Etherik ‘Shipwrecks’ (2009 Tired Trails Collective CD-r, ltd. 40 copies)

– Grant Moff Tarkin ‘Long Lost Son’ (2010 private pressing CD, ltd. 500 copies)

– Grant Moff Tarkin ‘Stormy Weather Blues’ (2012 private pressing CD,
ltd. 500 copies)

– Rivercrest ‘Etherische Chemie’ (2007 Funeral Folk CD-r, ltd. 88 copies)

– Wheel of Smoke ‘In Sense’ (2011, private pressing CD, ltd. 500 copies)

– V.A. ‘Sounds for the Geniculate Ganglion’ (2011 Xtraplex Records, track contribution: Etherik – Planet Reset)

– Rivercrest ‘Rivercrest’ (2012 private pressing CD, ltd. 500 copies)

– Rivercrest ‘Vault Recordings 2003-2012’ (2012 private pressing CD-r,
ltd. 50 copies)

– Wheel of Smoke ‘Signs of Saturn (2013 private pressing,
ltd. 1000 CD/500 black vinyl)

– Wheel of Smoke ‘Enter The Pyramid’ (2015)

– Yaya & The Lazy Love Band ‘Travellin’ (2015 CD private pressing)

– Ivolve&Etherik ‘Presenting…) (2016 private pressing CD-r)

– split LP Dorre/Bethmoora (2016 private pressing LP,
ltd. 200 splattered/100 black vinyl)

– LP Wheel of Smoke ‘Mindles Mass’ (2016 private pressing ltd. 250 copies)

– Etherik ‘Geisha Tanssi’ (2016)

– Etherik ‘Borderless’ (2017)

– Etherik ‘Dust Collector’ (2017)

– Etherik ‘Onmyõdõ’ (2018)

– Etherik ‘Shipwrecks Revisited’ (2018)

                                – Etherik ‘Soundtracks for Planetary Frequency Sequencer Androids’ (2018)                             

– 12″ LP Dorre ‘Fall River’ (2019 private pressing ltd. 100 splattered/200 black vinyl)

– EP GLOED ‘Sleep’ (2019) 

– LP Wheel of Smoke ‘Sonic Cure’ (2019, Polderrecords)

Productions, Technical & Collaborations:

– 12″ LP ‘Persische Tapijten’ by Sylvester Anfang II (bass on track ‘Etherik’)

– Rumiñahui ‘Qispi Tuta Tusuy’ (2014 CD-r private pressing) (role: producer, recording engineer, mixing, electric guitar,
acoustic bass, percussion)

– *Gert* ‘Ongepast Vrolijk’ (2016 private pressing CD ltd. 500 copies / 50 cassestes)
(role: recording engineer, mixing, electric bass,
percussion, backing vocals)

– ‘La Bateleuse’ by Brecht Goudesone (2017 private pressing CD 500 copies)
(role: recording engineer, mixing, mastering)

– ‘Brin De Musette ‘ by Brecht Goudesone
(2017 private pressing CD 500 copies)
(role: recording engineer, mixing, mastering)

– EP *Gert* ‘Niets Meer/Niets Minder’ (2019 private pressing CD ltd. 500 copies/ 35 cassettes)

– EP ‘Fraction’ by Sons of Flem (2019) (role: recording engineer, mixing)