The importance of Equal Human Rights in an All Inclusive Society

I just want to briefly state that I, as a human being and artist have been and always will be for a society that treats every human being with the same dignity and respect that everybody with good intentions deserves.

I will personally make sure to always and explicitly stand and speak up against any forms of racism, homophobia, sexism, fascism, extremism or other forms of what are, in my opinion, dysfunctional forms of thinking and acting.

And as I might not be a fan of religious thinking or religion in general, I do believe in the fundamental right to believe anything you want, as long as you don’t want to force these beliefs upon others.

But on a side note: please don’t abuse real science terms as unfounded claims and proof of snake-oil beliefs. Pseudo-science can be dangerous. Don’t let yourself get fooled by charlatans who are only out for your money.

I think we will all be better off when we, as humankind in a global society, learn to be kind and respectful to others, ourselves and our environment.

Power to the people, and let Love rule!

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