Grant Moff Tarkin – Cotton Clown

8 years ago, with the band I was playing bass guitar for, we made this little gem of a video clip:

I love diggin it up from time to time, it brings along a weird kind of melancholy that is associated with that time for me (not at all in a bad way, but in a sense with mixed feelings of extreme joy and great sadness), but like most people, I try or tend to remember mostly the good things I guess…

A lot has changed for me in those 8 years, but it’s weird to discover that as a person I don’t feel at all that I have changed. Maybe as a musician I’ve gotten a little better, and I’ve learned a few things about how to not treat your friends and loved ones, but in my core character I still feel that I am the same person I was 10 to 15 years before. I might be a little less naive, or at least I hope so. Overall I don’t think I’ve become a worse person, but here I am on my own trying to evaluate myself, and that’s always a tricky thing to do. Then again, to others I might (or probably) have changed immensely, and it all goes to show that observation and opinion about something or someone is always a matter of perspective and context. If at all you should know or have known me personally and you happen to be reading this and I have hurt or offended you in anyway possible, let me offer you my sincere and heartfelt apologies. My intention has never been to bring hurt or bring mischief to anybody, and I might have been blinded by my own false feeling of rightness and misplaced honor in some situations.

Sunday April 14th you can come over to the Café Libertad in Leuven, where I will be playing bass for another little group called Gert Kleinpunk, and we will be supporting Slow Bear aka the solo moniker of Huddie, who together with Julax wrote the beautiful song ‘Cotton Clown’. The bass lines were added and written by yours truly, still think they’re kind of groovy in way, and I hope you do too. Enjoy this little piece of musical bygone days…

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