The cold seasons update

Hi everybody! In the few past months a lot of stuff has happened, and in the coming months more is yet to come!

I finished recording a new EP with my acoustic protest punk buddies Gert and Yorick. We will present this album in Belgium and Holland throughout January 2019. Some of the songs from this EP will also be featured on a split 7″ with Holland punk band Waardeloos.

My band GLOED has a new singer! Evelien will be joining our musical journey and we will try to get more active on stage again next year.

With Dorre we have been working quite some time on our first official full album. It will be released the beginning of February. On the first of December there will be a review available on ‘Outlaws of the Sun’, with an exclusive preview of one track. ‘Fall River’ contains 6 tracks in total and one of them features for the first time guest vocals and lyrics by Laura Donnelly of the awesome heavy metal band King Witch.

Wheel of Smoke has been joined again by Filip, one of it’s founding members, and we are now officially a quintet! We are planning to record a new album in 2019, and it’s gonna be a real smashing banger! It’ll be the first album on which fresh member Johan (the bio-farm-synth-wizard) will lay down his analogue sounds, and I can’t wait to get started on the recordings.

In the meantime I’ve also been upgrading my producer skills in the sound academy of Hype Studios in Mechelen, getting the hang of Pro Tools and learning to work in professional studio environment.

Thanks for reading and keep on rocking hard and heavy!

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